The Mapmaker's Wife tells the extraordinary story of Isabel Godin, the first woman to travel down the length of the Amazon.  Her journey brought an end to the first scientific expedition to the New World, which was led by Charles Marie de La Condamine. If you're interested in this story and want to ask us "Could you possibly write my assignment based on this topic?", it's better to contact our main editor directly.

The Upper Amazon that Isabel Godin traveled through in 1769-1770, where she ended up lost and abandoned, remains a pristine wilderness. It is one of the most remote regions in Ecuador, rarely visited by outsiders. To research The Mapmaker's Wife, Robert Whitaker retraced her path from Riobamba to Andoas.
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Readers of the The Mapmaker's Wife will also find on this site historical illustrations from the Charles Marie de La Condamine expedition. Most of these illustrations are published in the book, but there are a few additional ones to be found here.
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See The Region Today for news about an ongoing conflict between oil companies and indigenous people who live in the Upper Amazon, along the Bobonaza River, which was Isabel's route into the Amazon.

"A great story, deftly told."
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